TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2018


Carbon Tactic is a full carbon chainring with the strongest teeth ever.

Think weight weenie carbon fiber chain rings means fragile, fastwearing rings that will need replacing?

Carbon Tactic chainring has special laminated structure and in-situ molding technology with coated teeth that was subjected to 25,000 kilometers of test-machine-based wear, and it looked nearly new to our eyes.

Carbon Tactic has a metallic powder-based coating that reportedly offers superior wear to alloy chainrings.

Why carbontactic chainring is so speciaL?

Molded teeth shapes with gradient thickness

The teeth area is maded by a in-mold molding process providing the teeth has best strength. First few layer carbon fibers of the teeth are contineously extended to the body of the chainring, there has no CNC damages on top and bottom surfaces of the chainring.

Molded reinforcement powder on suface of the teeth

To raw teeth of the carbontactic ring is already strong. However, we can make it even better by covering reinforcement nano size powder and uses the patented In-mold process. Refocement powder are formed on the teeth area and provide the best stength and contact smoothness. 

Eco-friendly In-mold process

Carbontactic is not only named with functions, but can be more. 

With patented in-mold process, carbontactic can be colored and make it reflective with an eco-friendly molding painting process.